Friday, March 18, 2011


Do you remember when you were little, and your parents always told you to make handmade gifts, or handmade cards?  As a kid, I never know how precious it was to the "older people".   It was just a card, with me saying something.  Why would they want this junk?  Now I know.
My sister-n-law's friend is a 4th grade teacher, and she was teaching a lesson on kindness.  She told them about how Bryan needed a new kidney, and how Sandy donated one of her kidneys to him.  So they wrote Bryan "Get well" cards, and wrote Sandy "You're a hero" cards.  Seriously, the sweetest, most precious cards I've ever read. 
Thank you Mrs. Austin and her entire 4th grade class!!  You all are so amazing.  Never ever forget how powerful a card is.. especially a handwritten one.  We love it.  Here are just some of the cards.
"What he said."  I love it.

I love the people on the slide.  Juan's the man.

"For the bravest sole ever"

This is my handsome, and newly renovated husband.  I like to call him Bryan 2.0
Believe it or not, this is his transplant scar!!!  You can't even see it!!!  It's pretty incredible.
As for an update, as you can see, Bryan is doing FANTASTIC!!  He's been walking around since TWO DAYS after his surgery on Feb 14th.  Since then, he has gotten his energy back, his appetite is back, and he doesn't look sick anymore.  AND NO DIALYSIS!!!  It's amazing what modern medicine can do.  Thank you x's infinity for all of those who prayed and sent well wishes our way. Thank you!!


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