Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kayla and Calvin Eshoot

I love it when my clients are just like me.  Even down to Kayla's necklace.. that's MY necklace!  They both hate the beach.. I hate the beach too!!  And.. she hates birds.  I love this girl. 
It was at this shoot, I wished I was about 5 inches taller.  Kayla, God bless her, is 5'10''.  Me, a measley 5'1''.  Short life is a hard life!  If you're my facebook friend, you probably saw my plea to grow or I'm forced to carry a step stool around for the rest of my life.
Calvin moved here from South Africa about 5 years ago.  My heart skipped a beat when I heard that.  One day, I'll make it there.  He had such a great accent, and what a great smile.  And I loved how he made Kayla smile.  I had to refrain myself from hugging them..  didn't want to completely freak them out.  But they were defintely adorable.


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