Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nicole and Chris Eshoot

I'm excited to introduce you to this awesome couple!  Nicole and Chris told me they are super awkward in pictures.  But I beg to differ.  I think they are fabulous.  All you have to do is have fun and be with the one you love.  This engagement session took place at Heritage Village and The Botanical Gardens in Largo.  So pretty!  But nothing is as pretty as Nicole and her gorgeous smile.

Everytime I see this picture, I want to start singing "Double Rainbow all the way across the sky! Yeaaaah yeaaah"

My favorite picture.  In the beginning of the shoot, I asked Nicole to give me her sexy, sultry look.  And she said she didn't have one!  Well, Nicole, I think this picture proves you wrong.


Nicole said...

Well Jess, your loving remarks have made me blush...Congraats!

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