Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Edith and Dawson's Wedding Day

Perfect, gorgeous, beautiful day for a wedding.  I couldn't be happier for Edith and Dawson!  I can't help but to smile when I think of them, and how they fit each other perfectly... how they make each other laugh.  I have to restrain myself from hugging them to pieces.

The best ring bearer... EVER

Edith..  you're still in 1st place for 'Best Smile'.  Dawson is so lucky to get to see that smile every day!

Cutest kid.. he kept telling me all about trains, and what each part does... twice.  Later, Dawson described him as the 'train nazi'. 

I overheard Dawson's mom telling somebody what a good kid he was, and what a good man he has grown to be.  It made my heart smile. 

After the reception, we took a trip to Ybor City to take more pictures.  Pretty much laughed the entire time..  they are so much fun! 

Edith and Dawson's hangout where they like to people watch the crazies of Ybor.

A funny moment between husband and wife. 

Edith and Dawson, congrats again guys on your wedding and marriage.  It was an honor to be a part of your special day.  Spending time with yall was amazing..  I seriously would love to go to King Corona's with yall sometime and people watch, haha!  And I absolutely cannot wait to do a TTD session.  It will be AWE-SOME!!!  See you soon!!


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