Thursday, December 30, 2010

Natalie and Graeme's Scottish Beach Wedding

After I got married, I was obsessed with my wedding pictures.  I was also obsessed with weddings in general, and  I entered my wedding on the Knot's 'My Real Wedding' contest.  I can't tell you how many people entered their weddings.  Like thousands.  And you got to see all of them, and comment and vote on them too.  This is where I met Natalie.  She told me that she was thinking about having her wedding at the same place I had mine (The Grand Plaza in St. Pete Beach)..  Oh yeah, and she's from SCOTLAND!  We immediately clicked, talking through tons of emails.  Bryan and I even met her and Graeme when they came down to check out the hotel.  I fell in love with their hilarious personalities and awesome Scottish accents.  I SO want a Scottish accent.  Like bad.  I even found myself talking like them in my head at their wedding.  Anyway, I absolutely couldn't wait for their wedding to finally get here.  They planned it 2 years out, and I thought the day would NEVER come.
I started my photography business some time after, and they eventually hired me to capture their special day.  Happy.. honored.. thrilled.. just a few words to express how elated I was to get the news!
It has been so much fun getting to know this couple through facebook statuses and emails.  Not only does Graeme love American sports, his favorite NFL team is none other than the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!  WHO DAT!  (One day, Natalie and Graeme, yall are vacationing to New Orleans with us and we're going to experience a Saints game in person!!)

In Scotland (and maybe in the UK altogether), their Bachelorette parties are called "Hen Night".  Something I never knew! 

It may not look like it.. but it was COLD!!  Cold and WINDY!!  Days leading up to their wedding was nice and warm.  Luckily, they are kind of used to the cold weather.  Now just watch out for those kilts!!
What's a Scottish wedding without a Bag Piper?

My view

Bryan's view

All of the men wearing kilts..  one of my favorite pictures of the day. 

There are times as a professional when I'm supposed to be.. well, professional.  Let's just say while Graeme and I share the same passion for our New Orleans Saints, our sports similarities end there.  I'm in no way a Yankees fan like he is.  But I do find it cool that he's obsessed with American sports.. even though he likes the Yankees. 

I'd have to ask Natalie and Graeme what this dance was called.  But apparently it's a huge Scottish tradition.. I guess like what the Electric Slide is to us.  As soon as this song came on, EVERYONE rushed to the dance floor and formed a circle.  I crawled to the middle, got my camera ready because I knew it was going to be exciting.  All of a sudden, everyone started dancing around in unison.. going back and forth, laughing and having the best time.  I so want to learn this dance.

I thought it was funny that no one knew the Electric Slide, but they sure did know the Cupid Shuffle!

Natalie, I love your smile! 

Natalie and Graeme, it has been beyond my pleasure to photograph your day.  Thank you, so much, for having us as photographers and your guests.  You two are so special, and I couldn't be happier for yall.. and that your wedding has FINALLY arrived.  My goal, to have yall move to the states.  Come on, you know you want to!!!


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