Sunday, December 12, 2010

A tale of two sisters and their mother

A fabulous bride and groom of mine wanted to get his mom, aunt and grandma something special for Christmas and a photoshoot came to mind!  GENIUS!  At first, I admit I was worried.  I'm not much for formal poses and pictures.  But we started talking about some stuff we could do.  I had nooo idea what I was in for!  I arrived at their beach cottage and met these three outstanding, vibrant women.  They loved to laugh, make funny faces, sing and dance.. total hams, AND I LOVED IT!  Especially the grandmother, Joan.  92 years old and you would NEVER have guessed it.  You'll see from the pictures, she's full of life and super hilarious.  I could spend all day with these women and just have a ball. 

They were excited to decorate the cottage  
They came complete with fun hats, scarves and other fun accessories.  Total dress up time! 

After decorating the inside, we set up a table and chairs on the beach for a little tea party!!  Nana is from England, and she loves her tea... But it was too hard to get hot tea out to the beach, so we used coke instead.  Haha, same color, but I forgot about the fizziness factor. 
These women have the best smiles! 
Feeding the birds...  If you know me, you know this was a terrifying time for me.  I have a fear of birds.. well, that's an understatement.  I believe birds, (along with roaches) have a picture of me up in their homes so they know who to attack when they see me.  Seagulls are the worst.  They have no shame.  So when Mary said she wanted to feed the birds, my eyes must have gotten huge and my face must have turned pale, because she quickly assured me I can take the pictures from far away.  At first, I think the birds thought I had bread too because they were so close, so naturally I curled in a defensive ball.  But luckily they saw the other ladies had the bread and swarmed them.  I think Mary was totally in her element.  She loved playing with the birds.  I told her I officially though she was crazy.  Just watching her terrified me.

In the words of my family back home, "You look GAW'GEOUS, DAW'LIN" 

Definitely time for dress up!

This family knows how to have fun! 
I believe they get it from their momma!

My favorite picture.  Water sure looks cold! 
I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to this family.  I had such an awesome time getting to know and shooting yall.  Your family really knows how to have a good time!!  I laughed so hard and so much.  I absolutely can't wait for Geoff and Rachel's wedding.  It will be a blast!!!


Raquel Sergio said...

Loved this family :) Made me smile with their awesome face expressions!

Kristin said...

Amazing women and pictures! Love it!!

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