Monday, December 20, 2010

Molly and Jeb's Wedding Day.. Part 1

Molly and Jeb are MARRIED!!!  Where do I even start with this adorable couple?  We all graduated Bolton High School in Alexandria, La... Class of '01!  But Molly and Jeb didn't start dating until much later.  They reunited when Molly was working for Disney.  And in the words of Molly when she saw Jeb with his shirt off... "hubba hubba".. And it was love from there.  And what a GENIUS couple they make!!  If you see them together, you'd think to yourself, no doubt, they are meant to be together.  Two totally goofy and hilarious people that mesh perfectly.  I reunited with them in Naples for their engagement shoot.  When I saw them together, I was amazed how perfect they are as couple, and I couldn't believe they were ACTUALLY a couple!!  Now, I can't believe they are actually husband and wife..  MOLLY AND JEB!  It's just fabulous.  100 percent.
Now about their perfect wedding.  If you know Molly and Jeb, you know every part of it was going to be fun.  So much fun, and so much of it was captured, I have to make two blogs.  First part is dedicated to everything pre-ceremony.
The ceremony was held at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Alexandria, La.

A nervous Molly getting fanned off before she puts on her dress. 

Jeb was nervous too. 

While the guys are goofing off, Molly is putting on her veil.  I think the was her moment of "this is really happening".  I love these pictures.

My fav 

Next up, their "first look", ceremony and reception.
I also want to thank my good friend, old classmate and a new up and coming photographer, Kristin Bradley, from Kristin Grace Photography.  You helped me out when I was a man down, and your work is simply breathtaking.  Thank you so much for helping me.  I was blessed to have your talent with me.


Kristin said...

Your so sweet and it was an HONOR to work with you!!

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