Monday, December 20, 2010

Molly and Jeb's Wedding... Part 2

Ok, this is going to be a long blog with A LOT of pictures!  I think you're going to love it because this wedding was pretty amazing.

This sweet, special moment was right before the ceremony.  Instead of a first look, they wanted to hold hands, back to back, without seeing each other.  I loved this.  You could just feel the emotion bursting on Molly's face.   I can only imagine what was going through her head.

Jeb sees his bride for the first time.  Time to get married! 

Kristin's view from the balcony.

Who doesn't love a goofy sister?

One of their favorite engagement pictures hanging over the mantel.  Taken by yours truly.
I love this guest book.
Molly and Jeb's first dance was a choreographed dance to "Hey Soul Sister" by Train.  PERFECTION!!  Every moment was so precious.. I never wanted it to end because it just made me so happy.  Total smile mode.

The best part in the dance was when Molly threw confetti, then Jeb threw confetti, then the bridal party on both sides of them threw confetti, and totally had a confetti shower.  I'm smiling ear to ear just thinking of it.  This was Bryan's view.

And this was my view.  I proceeded to have this part of the song stuck in my head for the next two weeks.  HEEEY soul sister! 

I told you this was a fun wedding, right?  The father-daughter dance was ALSO choreographed!  This was a song by goofy.. and it was quite hilarious.  I loved watching this father-daughter duo having a blast. 

Now this is how a bride gets down!!  Go Molly!  Go Molly! 

I managed to steal the couple away for about a single minute... 
... but it's all we needed!  How gorgeous are they, and how gorgeous is this place??

After our minute session, there was the THIRD and final choreographed dance.  A dance performed by the bride, her bridesmaids and readers.   

A COMPLETE surprise to Jeb. 
Molly led Jeb to the dance floor, and all of the girls grabbed a guy and started dancing.  Another very big smiley moment. 

Pretty much the best grooms cake ever.  Super Mario Cart is the best game EVER. 

Cake cutting time!  Bryan's view with the fish eye. 
They did it right.

Love, love love Molly's parent's place on Kincaid Lake.  It couldn't be more perfect!

A very, very proud dad. 
Love the hair action!!  Molly, you should be on a pantene commercial. 

What's a Louisiana wedding without the Second Line?  MAN, I love my culture! 

When the wedding was over, everyone lined up outside in the cold, seeds in hand, and wished the couple off into their boat of wedding bliss.
Haha, did I mention it was cold?  Bon voyage Mr. and Mrs.!! 

Molly and Jeb, I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to shoot your wedding.  It was a HUGE honor.  Thank you so much for having us.  We had an absolute blast.  You two are so dang adorable together, and I can't wait to hang out more with yall!!  Congratulations.. I know you two are going to have a lifetime of awesome, hilarious memories.  Love you both!!


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